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Heather is a freelance writer and newlywed living near Albany, NY. She is a connoisseur of fine tv - such as soap operas, 90s teen dramas and single camera comedies. She is able to come home from work and get into pajamas in less than four minutes. If supplied, she will apply processed, melted cheese to most anything she is eating, without hesitation. She is compelled to visit IMDB.com at least once while watching any episode of any show. She is a fan of the NY Yankees, Christmas and French fries. You can follow her on twitter at @HeatherLWheeler

7 Months Pregnant and I Haven’t Read Any Books

Well, that headline is misleading. I did read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy in one day. And, although that was more “anecdotes” than “helpful information,” it was still about a woman being pregnant and it still counts. A few days after finding out I was pregnant, I promptly ordered What To Expect When You’re Expecting […]

Halloween “Vampire in the City” Prank

On a regular day, the streets of NYC are filled with several people who are a few cards short of a full deck, if you know what I mean. So, if a vampire comes up to you, saying that he needs “blood”, it may be easy to forget that it’s Halloween while you assume the […]

Lauren Conrad is Engaged

Former The Hills star-turned-fashion-designer, Lauren Conrad, has been seen sporting a giant rock on her ring finger. She recently became engaged to long time boyfriend, William Tell. Lauren announced the engagement on her official website, saying: “I am very excited to share with you guys that William and I got engaged over the weekend. I am […]

‘Glee’ Says Goodbye to Finn Hudson

I started watching Glee the day it premiered. As someone who walks around the house and randomly bursts into song — despite my less-than-angelic voice — Glee seemed like it would be right up my alley. A campy show about high schoolers in a glee club? Sign me up! I watched loyally the first two […]

Ginnifer Goodwin Engaged to Her Prince Charming

I’m not sure there is anything more romantic than this — a real life fairytale. Once Upon a Time actors Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are engaged. The two met on the set of their show, where they play soul mates Snow White/Mary Margaret and Prince Charming/David. Guys — Snow White and Prince Charming are getting […]

Nicole Kidman Knocked Down By Paparazzi

We hear about celebrity and paparazzi confrontations all the time. Yesterday, actress Nicole Kidman had a literal run-in with one paparazzo — he ran her over while riding his bike. Naturally, someone else snapped pictures of the incident, which took place outside of a Manhattan hotel. In the photos, Kidman lost one of her heels, […]

Dark Lipstick Returns For Fall 2013

Nobody wants to admit it, but we’ve all noticed it. The days are getting shorter. The evenings are getting colder. You’re throwing a cardigan on when getting dressed in the morning. Summer is gone and fall is making it’s appearance. Something else making an appearance for fall was an accessory made popular in the ’90s. […]

Miss America Pageant Participants Sporting Tattoos

Ah, the Miss America Pageant. Perfect bodies. Long, flowing hair. Natural make-up. Proper manners and poise. White aprons and apple pie. The saccharine-sweet images that come to mind when you think of the event. Not so much anymore. Well, at least not when it comes to Miss Kansas. Theresa Vail is a 22-year-old Kansas State […]

Miss America Crowns 1st Indian-American Contestant

The tweets that followed Sunday night’s Miss America Pageant weren’t about a Miss New York being crowned two years in a row. They weren’t about the questions the judges asked — which were all over the spectrum, including “Was Miley‘s performance tasteful?” and “Should the US bomb Syria?” Instead, they seemed to focus on one […]