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How to break news of adoption to your adopted child

Children are more emotionally sensitive than we adults are. They develop attachments and form self-image too soon. When a child is adopted, he/she finds it more difficult to comprehend what’s happening around them.  They grieve about the loss of their biological family and their culture while trying to make sense of complex thoughts. If you […]

How to give a smoky flavour to grilled meat without a smoker

Smoked meat makes for a perfect summer time meal. Grilled meat somehow tastes oh so delicious with smokey goodness. Unfortunately though, most of us don’t have a smoker lying around in our homes. If you don’t have it too, don’t worry a bit. We’ve found out a way to smoke your food without a smoker […]

How to give first-aid to your little one’s wounds

From the day your little one starts his first steps, he is prone to tumbles and bumps. The cuts, the wounds, the burns, and the endless crying that follows is a natural phase of growing up. While you cannot do anything to prevent falls (all kids fall and hurt themselves despite having over protective parents […]

Genius quick beauty hacks for lazy girls

Whether you are someone who doesn’t know how to apply makeup, or someone who doesn’t have the time or the patience to do it, we’ve got some good news. We’ve collected some super easy tips and hacks that can make you look pretty and festive without investing much time or effort. Here goes: For a […]

How to get your jewelry sparkling clean

How many times have you broken your heart over a piece of old jewelry that looks tarnished and ugly and you can no longer wear the piece? Tell you what, with simple things probably already lying in your house, you can clean the piece and make it shiny new again. Here’s how you can renew […]

5 Food myths confuted

All of us at some point in our lives have memorized health hacks and nutrition tips only to forget them sooner than later. ‘Some’ stuff, however, sticks with us. We refuse to unlearn what food causes us cramps before a run, or which food causes our eyelash to fall off or whatever! Unfortunately, most of […]

How to know if your marriage is ridiculously independent

They say a happy marriage requires the husband and wife to live independent lives and spend at least few hours away on activities outside the marriage and home. This keeps the spark alive. But then, there are still many couples who tend to do everything together. They are totally interdependent on each other. That, could […]

How to help children who hate math

For every one child that loves math, there will be four who hate it like it’s a plague. Children who aren’t naturally inclined towards reasoning and analysing, often find it hard to do math and develop a hatred toward the subject. That certainly doesn’t mean they are any less intelligent than their math-loving counterparts. If […]

How to maintain optimum weight during pregnancy

Weight gain is an inevitable part of pregnancy. Having a bun in your oven does lead to weight gain and most women are thrown off balance. They gain copious amount of weight in a bid to ‘eat for two’ and then risk pregnancy and delivery complications. The key is to maintain an optimum weight and […]