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Drew Barrymore to Guest Star in Odd Mom Out

Drew Barrymore is going to appear on TV to support Jill Kargman, who happens to be her estranged husband’s sister. It has only been a week since the news of their divorce came out in the open. On Monday, it was confirmed that she will be a guest star in Odd Mom Out, a series […]

Chris Brown shares his thoughts about Trump Rally in Chicago

Chris Brown shared a few of his thoughts about the happenings at Donald Trumps’ rally on Friday night in Chicago. He posted on Instagram about what he thinks of the rally and the aftermath, not just once but quite a few times. In the first post, he shared a screenshot of probably his own statements. […]

Chris Hemsworth Approves of Miley Cyrus

Chris Hemsworth is completely supportive of Miley Cyrus’ music. The actor chose to keep quiet about Liam Hemsworth’s relationship with her but he did show that he likes her tunes. “I’m happy if he’s happy, whatever he’s doing in life,” Chris told later. “I can’t confirm any of that but, you know, he’s smart [and] […]

Mariah Carey’s trip to the hospital after a severe bout of flu

Mariah Carey was rushed to a hospital in New York following a severe case of flu. The American singing Star attended the Pier 1 Christmas Pop up Storybook launch in Soho despite being ill and was appreciated for her professionalism. Shortly after the event though, she had to be taken to the hospital. She was […]

Kris Jenner Says Her Ex Is a Hero

Kris Jenner spoke a lot about Bruce Jenner’s transition back in May but after the complete transition into Caitlyn, she has been rather quiet. Now, she has finally decided to speak up for the first time since Caitlyn appeared. She is highly positive about her ex and the change. “I think it’s amazing,” Kris, 59, […]

The Trailor of Tomorrowland Out in Spring

The tailor for Tomorrowland, the movie starring George Clooney, will be released this spring. The audiences will get a glimpse of “a secret place where nothing is impossible,” along with Hugh Laurie and a quick look at Britt Robertson and Clooney in space in a bathtub! Directed by Brad Bird, the movie is all set […]

Sarah Palin Has Words For Tina Fay During SNL 40

Sarah Palin has a bone to pick with Tina Fey. On the carpet of Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special, she called out to Tina Fey. “Well, have I helped her career or has she helped mine? I’m like come on Tina, you should be paying my kids’ braces or something,” Palin told reporters. “She’s […]

Perry and Mayer Seen Together in Beverly Hills

Are they getting back together? John Mayer and Katy Perry had broken up with each other in February but it seems like there is still something because they were seen together over the weekend in Beverly Hills. This is the first time they have come together in public since they called it quits. “They’re two […]

Lance Bass Is Now Married

Lance Bass, the 35-year-old former NSYNC member, is married to 27-year-old Michael Turchin on Saturday. “We love each other so much,” Bass says. They had met 4 years ago at a friend’s birthday bash in California. The wedding ceremony was simply splendid. Sharon Sacks, the wedding planner, who also did Kim and Kanye’s wedding produced […]