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9 ways you can use Vaseline

9 ways you can use Vaseline

Vaseline. Good old Vaseline! What would we do without it? Well, hard to imagine.

Did you know that Vaseline comes with many more uses than you realize? It can be used for more than just healing cracked lips!

  1. Vaseline can avoid tan lines. Apply it before you get your spray tan!
  2. It can heal cracked elbows.
  3. Vaseline can help eyelash growth. Dab some on before you go to sleep every night.
  4. Rub some Vaseline before you spray perfume. It will help capture the scent longer.
  5. Your scuffed heels can look as good as new thanks to Vaseline!
  6. Hair dye stains on the forehead? Vaseline!
  7. Use Vaseline while wearing earrings if you struggle with them all the time.
  8. Cuticles won’t dry out if you apply Vaseline.
  9. Remove makeup in a dash with Vaseline. Try it!

See? That little bottle is indeed magical!

Image Credits: urbanbuzz/ iStock Editorial/ Thinkstock Photos