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How to look dolled up with the least effort

How to look dolled up with the least effort

There are some people who always look effortlessly stylish every time they step out of their house, and the rest of us wonder in amazement as to how they manage to get through the time taking process of dolling up.

Tell you what, it is easy peasy to look like a million bucks in almost no time. There are just a few things you should consider having in your wardrobe that will up your styling game by quite a few notches.

Here’s what you need:

  • A classic red lipstick: It can make the drabbest outfits rev up. Not only that, it will make your confidence peak too. There is something about a bright red lipstick. A little magic perhaps.
  • A chic blazer/ cover up: The easiest way to jazz up the simplest outfits is to wear a chic cover up. When you are wearing a classic tee and jeans, slip into a coat and you will instantly look better.
  • A pair of high heels: Throwing a pair of sexy heels can jazz up the most minimalist look.
  • A statement neck piece: Accessories can make or break your look. Overdoing accessories is a strict no no. Let a statement neck piece do its bit to transform your look rather than wearing a hundred pieces of jewellery all over.

There you go. Oh! Did we forget to mention, a confident smile? It doesn’t necessarily fit into your wardrobe but will make you appear way stylish any day, more than anything in your wardrobe will.