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Genius quick beauty hacks for lazy girls

Genius quick beauty hacks for lazy girls

Whether you are someone who doesn’t know how to apply makeup, or someone who doesn’t have the time or the patience to do it, we’ve got some good news. We’ve collected some super easy tips and hacks that can make you look pretty and festive without investing much time or effort.

Here goes:

  • For a super quick and easy peasy smokey eye, dip a shadow brush in a black shimmer shadow. Next, close your eye and run the shadow brush over your top and bottom lashes simultaneously. Open your eye, blend the edges, and Voila!
  • To jazz up your eye makeup in seconds, apply an eyeliner, and follow it with a thick layer of glitter eyeliner.
  • To make your eyelashes appear fuller without wearing tons of mascara, just tight line your eyes with a super dark eyeliner and you are set.
  • A piece of scotch tape can come to your rescue for when you want a quick cat eye. Angle the edge under your lower lash line and then trace on the liner to create an error free flick.
  • Make your lipstick work a little harder, so you don’t have to. Make it double up as a blush by swiping it on your cheekbones and blending it in with your fingers.
  • To curl your hair in a jiffy, tie up your hair in a loose ponytail and split it into two halves. Using a curling wand, curl both the sections. Remove the hair tie, and loosen up the gorgeous curls. Done!

There you go! Now you have no excuse for showing up any less than pretty for any occasion.