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How to keep your brain fighting fit

One of the most infamous issues for modern day aging, is dementia. With the advent of gadgets, that are fast replacing our dependence on this wonder organ, and the ever increasing stress, our brains are getting unhealthier by the day. How do we develop enough cognitive reserve to prevent dementia? Turns out there are quite […]

How to work out at work

The way our ancestors ‘worked’ is much different than how we do. They did not have technology at dispense, so they did a lot of physical work, which kept them fit. Today, thanks to technology at its best, even if we claim to ‘work’ more than our ancestors did, we hardly move from our chair. […]

4 Ways To Beat Stress

Stress can show easily and destroy your natural beauty. Taking too much stress can cause you to look bad. Do you really want to look tired and cranky every morning? Surely not. While we can’t reduce stress, we can change the way we deal with them. That’s how we can combat stress. Let’s look at […]