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4 Foods That Will Help Boost Metabolism

Losing weight translates to eating less? Nope. Losing weight translates to eating right. That’s right! There are foods that will help boost your metabolism and make you healthy by enabling you to shed those extra pounds! Avocado Avocado has fat fighting powers! Researchers have concluded that people who regularly ate avocados has more metabolism than […]

4 Activities To Stay Fit During Winter

Winter is here and this means you must be careful about your skin and your health. Of course, you don’t need to make big changes for it. Just a few tweaks in your lifestyle will help you wade through winters with ease. Drink warm water and stay hydrated. During winters, it is actually hard to […]

5 Ways to Avoid Flu Without Shots

Want to keep the flu at bay without having to take the shot? Well, it is possible. Yes, it is quite easy to stay healthy and away from flu without the shots. Experts suggest a few precautions that will help you in this regard. Eat nutritious food: Eating organ meat from grass-fed animals, cold-water fatty […]