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3 Ways to Exit A Bad Date

Have you had that particularly annoying date? You had great expectations but the guy turned out to be arrogant or boring or just. . weird! After quelling the disappointment, you should realize that this would happen every now and then. Not every date will be awesome. You shouldn’t stop dating because of one bad date. […]

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Men

Gift giving? Oh, we know how confusing that can be especially when you suddenly decide you want to buy him something and surprise him. That is why we are here to help. Here are some last minute ideas for you: Shaving oil and lip balm set Beer soap Man candles Barbecue tools A creative mug […]

5 Benefits of a Boring Relationship

Worried that you are in a boring relationship? Worried that now that the initial stage has passed, you are a little too comfortable? Don’t worry! Boring relationships come with numerous advantages! The drama is reduced. You don’t indulge in drama just for the sake of it and that helps your sanity. You are best friends. […]

Seriously Distracted Episode 6: Office Scandal

[cf]js[/cf] In Episode 6 of Seriously Distracted, presented by fruitwater,  Paige (Greta Lee) catches her boyfriend sexting with another woman, Victoria (Laura Grey) has to pull out her best Olivia Pope. That’s right; it’s an office scandal, and nothing but the soothing energy of Kerry Washington’s leading lady will do the trick. Victoria has to get […]

Seriously Distracted, Ep 5: Fruitwater

[cf]js[/cf] A big potential client is coming into Le Grande PR and the women of Seriously Distracted are kicking into high gear. What is it going to take for them to score this very important client? A little bit of yoga, some Rocky-style workouts, and the perfect refreshing drink. Check out this episode of Seriously Distracted and make sure to […]