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Heidi Klum Speaks of her Three Dogs

Heidi Klum Speaks of her Three Dogs

Heidi Klum loves goofy jokes.

The 41-year-old love dogs and she has 3 of them – 2 German Shepherds and 1 Pomeranian. She says there is nothing funnier than watching Max, Freddy, and Simba jump up and get startled by their own farts!

“It is totally hilarious when Max and Freddy let one rip,” she says. “Then they jump up because the noise scares them. Pure comic gold.”

Apart from the flatulence, though, the three fur balls are simply amazing. “The kids adore them!” shares Klum. “The seven of them will all be wrestling and rolling around on the floor and chasing toys around. There’s a ton of laughter.”

Klum admits that having two German shepherds and a Pomeranian is quite odd but her 10-year-old daughter wanted a small pet and she have to cave.

“For an entire year, she earned it,” she says. “She did chores and had to get good grades. So then this tiny Pomeranian joined the fold. He is about a tenth the size of Max and Freddy, but also thinks he is a guard dog.”

She how does being a dog owner feel? “I love on the weekends when we are in the garden in the swimming pool and, inevitably, Max and Freddy dive right into the water.”

She adds: “Simba is a bit more cautious about our pool parties, so he stays on the edge and plays the role of lifeguard … It’s one big happy family.”

Image Credits: Jason Kempin/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Thinkstock Photos