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The Best Date Movies of Summer 2013

The Best Date Movies of Summer 2013

Man-of-Steel-Henry-Cavill-and-Amy-AdamsIt’s summer, and everyone wants to escape the heat, right? If you’re going to do that on a date with someone special, there’s nothing like the rush, romantic tingle or fright-fest found in your local movie theater. Whether it’s your first date or one in string of many that has held your relationship together for years, this summer should have something to make your night special.

This is the End – Coming to theaters June 12th, this end of the world disaster flick stars, well, stars. Imagine if the world were really ending and you had an inside view into the people, particularly those who make you laugh, as they try to navigate their way through the apocalypse.  That’s the essential premise of this comedy which stars Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill and James Franco among a cast of so many other familiar faces you’ll simply lose count. Laughter is the best medicine, for the end of the world and to keep you and your date abuzz all night long.


Man of Steel – We’ve all seen some version of Superman, right? In theaters June 14th, hunky Henry Cavill takes over the precious red cape with Amy Adams as his Lois Lane.  Man of Steel should have everything – action, adventure, romance and thrilling special effects. This summer is extremely light on romance, so we’re looking to Clark and Lois to fill the void. Casting Kevin Costner and Diane Lane and Jonathan and Martha Kent shouldn’t take us far from the romantic realm and raises the expectations for the Kent family to play an important role in Clark’s development into Superman. Heart pounding, sexy and thrilling entertainment for your big date.