Home Entertainment Eva Longoria Confirms Rumors of Romance

Eva Longoria Confirms Rumors of Romance

Eva Longoria Confirms Rumors of Romance

E!News has the latest update on the love life of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, who has been extremely tight-lipped about it up until now. Rumors have been flying that the star has been seeing Ernesto Arguello, who was actually one of the bachelors on the Longoria-produced show Ready for Love. Though NBC cut the show early after only two episodes, it wasn’t a total loss for Longoria, as that is where she met Arguello. And as she confirmed on Twitter earlier this week, the two are officially an item.

This is great news for the 38 year old actress, who as already been married twice. Her last marriage ended poorly, when she found hundreds of text messages from another woman on then-husband Tony Parker‘s phone and suspected him of cheating. It looks like things could go much more smoothly with Arguello, a well-educated, art-loving humanitarian entrepreneur, and he and Longoria seem to be very much in love.

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