Home Entertainment American Idol Winner Candice Glover Drops 30 Pounds

American Idol Winner Candice Glover Drops 30 Pounds

American Idol Winner Candice Glover Drops 30 Pounds


Candice Glover is the winner of the twelfth season of American Idol, and over the course of the show (as well as in the following months) she’s lost a lot of weight. In this video, we learn exactly how she has slimmed down and lost 30 pounds in such a short amount of time. (Don’t worry, no crash diets involved).

The 23 year old champion says she lost the weight, not through dieting, personal trainers, or grueling gym sessions, but through lifestyle changes. When she joined American Idol, and after her victory on the show, her schedule has become much more busy. Between walking through airports and numerous rehearsals with choreography, Candice says her life has organically become much more active, and the pounds have basically lost themselves.

While it may seem frustrating to have a star say they haven’t worked to gain a new physique, she has a point. Many people who are over weight have fairly inactive lifestyles. Whether it’s because they have a desk job from 9 to 5, or don’t think they walking is exercise. But it is. Studies have shown that people who live in large, metropolitan areas like New York and Paris (where it’s often easier to walk to the grocery store than drive) tend to weigh less than people who need to drive around. In fact, notoriously thin French women tend to workout very little, but walk everywhere to stay slim.

Depending on you current situation, this may or may not be easy. But it’s certainly worth it. If you hate going to the gym,it’s great news, because if you get a certain amount of walking in everyday, you can boost your metabolism and get healthy without scheduling workout.

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