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4 Myths About Diets Busted

4 Myths About Diets Busted

Myths, myths, and more myths!

Sometimes it feels like there are more myths than facts surrounding us and according to our research, most myths are related to fitness and losing weight. Dieting has become fad now and it apparently helps you lose weight but the problem is that there are so many rules surrounding it that people have started believing just about anything and everything.

To ensure that you walk down the right path and not believe myths, we have compiled a few popular fables related to dieting for you:

  1. You shouldn’t drink alcohol at all: You can drink alcohol while dieting as long as you keep an eye on your intake. A glass of alcohol with your meal will not cause any harm but it is advisable that you not exceed that amount.
  2. If you exercise you can eat extra dessert: NO. You will lose weight only when you exercise and control your diet at the same time. The two go hand in hand and you can’t exclude one.
  3. Nuts are bad: This is probably the worst myth because the reality is opposite! Nuts are GOOD. They are healthy and serve as excellent snacks. They are usually loaded with good fats (mono saturated) and proteins, which will fill you up and not increase your weight. Thus, eating nuts everyday will help you as long as you don’t eat too many.
  4. Red meat is bad: Lean meat is good and healthy. 3 ounces of lean red meat is healthy and recommended. Go for cuts that are lower in fat such as tenderloins.

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