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How to work out at work

How to work out at work

The way our ancestors ‘worked’ is much different than how we do. They did not have technology at dispense, so they did a lot of physical work, which kept them fit. Today, thanks to technology at its best, even if we claim to ‘work’ more than our ancestors did, we hardly move from our chair. This is rendering our body unhealthy, and inflexible. We are aging faster than we should. If you want to stay fit, even as you spend hours together in your office, here are some genius tips to get a little workout going, while you work.

  • Ditch the elevator and take the humble staircase instead. Good for giving muscular strength to your thighs and your butt.

  • Do a little tap dance! Tap your twinkle toes on the ground rapidly under the desk. Increases circulation in your lower limbs.

  • Take a little break while no one’s watching you and jog in one place for a minute (out of your chair of course!) When you hear your boss coming, return to the spreadsheets 😛

  • Avoid emails and dial extensions, to talk to your colleagues. Instead walk over to reach them. Creates personal bonds apart from helping you avoid a stiff spine.

  • Stand whenever you can avoid sitting. Sitting for long is going to give you obesity. Standing will give you strong legs. Please make a wise choice.

  • Squeeze your booty. While you are sitting, squeeze your glutes , hold for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat. Trust us, no one will know what’s going on . 🙂

  • Hold your hands in the prayer position (palms facing each other clasped together) and push your hands toward each other for a few seconds and release. Great for relieving achy muscles.

  • Punch punch punch. Make a fist and punch away strongly, alternatively with each hand, for about 30 seconds and then, stop. This tones your arms and chest. (warning: You might want to avoid this if your boss keeps getting in front of you uninvited. 😛

  • Flap those arms. So what if you can’t fly, you can always pretend you are. Removes arm stiffness and boosts energy.

  • Shrugging is good for your shoulders.

  • Move you neck from side to side and then up and down. Do it slow and rhythmically else you will not only harm your neck, you might also be thrown out of office on the grounds of insanity.

There! Take these seriously and then thank yourself, when you see stiff necks crying foul over aching body.

Image Credits: Anna Bizoa/ iStock/Thinkstock Photos