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How to keep your brain fighting fit

How to keep your brain fighting fit

One of the most infamous issues for modern day aging, is dementia. With the advent of gadgets, that are fast replacing our dependence on this wonder organ, and the ever increasing stress, our brains are getting unhealthier by the day.

How do we develop enough cognitive reserve to prevent dementia? Turns out there are quite a few ways, you can increase your brain power.

Here’s how:

  1. Keep challenging your brain. Engaging in new stimulating experiences often, can build up your cognitive reserve. Pick up something other than your regular crossword and Sudoku and try something new. Get working now!
  2. If you are great with numbers, but not a literary buff, pick up a classic novel, and try to discover your inner book lover. If you are the creative sort, try being methodical once. Novelty in your choices will bring about a positive change in your brain growth.
  3. Take the road less travelled. Adopt a new route to work, go by a different transport system. Change your paths, and you will be able to soak in different experiences, giving more stimuli to your brain.
  4. Did you know your brain’s right hemisphere controls your left body and vice versa. So if you your right hand is dominant, try using your left hand. This will challenge and excite your brain, and that’s super for its health.
  5. Lastly eat well. Nutrition dense foods, promote better overall brain health. Good fats, and protein are particularly good for the wonder organ.

Go! Get enhancing your brain power!

Image Credits: leolintang/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos