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How to make your drop scone butt look voluptuous

How to make your drop scone butt look voluptuous

JLo’s booty makes you green? Wish you could do something about your pan cake derriere to add oomph to your sexiness? Well fret not. Word has it that a few exercises, if done regularly, could actually make your derriere pop and look sexier than ever.

Here are a few of THOSE exercises:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows bent and your hands right under your chin. Now slowly sit back into your heels and explode into a jump while bringing your elbows to your knees. When you jump, extend your arms up towards the ceiling. Land on the pad of the foot keeping your knees soft. Go back to the starting position and repeat.
  • Stand with your legs wide apart, your hips back and low, and your knees bent. Keep your toes pointed outward at 45°. Now clasp your hands in front of your chest and jump your feet together and back to starting position in quick succession. Keep your hips low throughout the exercise. Repeat at least 10 times (increasing it steadily as days go by).
  • Get onto your fours aligning your hips with your knees and your toes tucked. Place a weight between 5-8 pounds (whatever suits you best) in the nook behind your right knee and lift your right heel straight up toward the ceiling till the knee reaches the hip height. Lower with control while squeezing your glutes as much as you can. Repeat with the same leg for a few minutes and then shift to the other.

Now go, build it and flaunt it!

Image Credits: lzf/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos