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How to make the yummiest sweet potato fries ever

How to make the yummiest sweet potato fries ever

Hot, crispy, melt in the mouth sweet potato fries make for a perfect snack. However, when you try them at home, they turn out nothing like you have out there at eateries. If you’ve been struggling to find out a way you can have these fresh without leaving home, fret not.

Here’s a guide to making the yummiest and crispiest sweet potato fries ever:

  • Be careful about the potatoes you choose for making the fries. Orange sweet potatoes are not just wetter, but creamier too. They therefore make for a bad choice. Try Japanese white potatoes instead. They contain less moisture and hence cook drier and fluffier. If you are looking for extra crispy fries, don’t skip this point.
  • Uneven fries are the recipe for disaster. Cut the sweet potatoes evenly into ½ inch wide logs if you want creamy centred fries and ¼ inch wide if you want them crispier. But they should all be even. You don’t want half burned and half undercooked fries.
  • Once you are done cutting the logs, soak them in ice cold water for about an hour. This helps the potatoes get rid of extra starch. Less starch equals quicker and crispier fries.
  • Once soaked, strain them and lay them on a paper towel so all the excess moisture is well absorbed.
  • Sprinkle corn-starch over the logs, give them a mix and get frying.
  • Once cool, throw the fries in a zip lock bag, add seasoning of your choice and shake. Voila!

There you go! You just learnt how to make the most deliciously crisp sweet potato fries ever. What are you waiting for? Try them now!