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5 Food myths confuted

5 Food myths confuted

All of us at some point in our lives have memorized health hacks and nutrition tips only to forget them sooner than later. ‘Some’ stuff, however, sticks with us. We refuse to unlearn what food causes us cramps before a run, or which food causes our eyelash to fall off or whatever!

Unfortunately, most of the ‘stuff’ is baseless.

Here’s debunking a few myths that you might have held on to but are worth forgetting.

  • Your microwave or freezer DOES NOT kill all the bacteria in your food. Some bacteria can easily survive a 0°F temperature! Also, while the heat generated by microwaves does kill bacteria, there are chances your food is unevenly cooked and that might give bacteria a good opportunity to stick around.
  • You NEED to store your maple syrup in the fridge (your oils and flours too!). The sticky stuff can attract yeast, mold, and bacteria if left in the pantry for long, and you don’t want that.
  • You CANNOT just scrape off the mold off your bread and use it. There’s always more mold where that came from and the bacteria and toxins might not all surface. Time to bid farewell to old bread.
  • Your cutting board ISN’T FINE after a quick wash. That essential kitchen tool could potentially home to a million bacteria. Scrubbing and sanitizing your cutting board after each use is the safest.
  • There is NO SUCH thing as you can eat food that has been lying on the ground for just a few seconds. No matter how long your favourite donut has been on the floor, the bacteria and germs will set camp. Chuck food that falls. No two ways about it.

 There you go! Here’s to safer and better eating.