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3 Myths Surrounding Heart Disease

3 Myths Surrounding Heart Disease

Heart disease has become quite widespread today and the statistics are daunting. It affects men and women, both, and is the reason behind numerous deaths each year.

Many organizations and experts have come forward to spread awareness about heart disease but along the awareness have come too many myths as well. People are getting confused with these myths and are not taking enough measures as a result.

To make things clear, we have debunked the 3 most popular myths surrounding heart disease:

  1. Heart disease is only seen in older people: It is true that older people are more at risk of getting heart disease but this doesn’t mean that it will not touch youngsters. In fact, chances of having a heart attack in your mid-20s are also there. Talk to your doctor, thus, about your risk factors no matter how old you are.
  2. Alcohol is great for the heart: Yes, we agree that recent studies have proven that a little alcohol is good for the heart but it is surprising how so many people give the word “little” a miss. Too much alcohol will obviously harm your heart! Alcohol in moderation is the key.
  3. Fitness is the only risk factor for heart disease: Sure, fit people have lower chances of heart disease but they are not immune. This is because the risk factors for heart disease go way beyond health. It is, thus, advisable to know your risk factors and take measures accordingly.

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