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4 Things To Know About Salt

4 Things To Know About Salt

We all love the salty touch to our dishes but is it worth it? Studies have revealed that salt does more damage than good and must be avoided. Let’s learn about salt:

  1. You should limit your salt intake to 6g per day. You can cut out on obvious items such as fries and soda but there are others that are not so obvious. These are the real culprits.
  2. Sodium is very important for muscles and nerves. However, too much of it will make you retain water. This can cause a number of health issues including high BP.
  3. Canned food may be great but these cans usually have 20% salt! You won’t even realize this until it manifests. Avoid those canned tomatoes, thus. Shop fresh.
  4. Always pay attention to the product you buy. Check the ingredients label to know how much salt has been added.

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