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Things NOT To Do At The Workplace

Things NOT To Do At The Workplace

We all know or at least have an idea of what we must do at the workplace. How about the things to avoid though?

At the workplace, there are a few unsaid rules that you have to follow. Of course, not talking back to the head is number one but there are also other things such as not flirting with colleagues and not using the office computer for other jobs. These are mistakes that will get you under the radar but they probably won’t get you fired. However, there are things that can make your boss show you the door. Here they are:

  1. Using social media too much: As a general rule, just don’t use social media from your office computer. This is because everything you do on that computer will be tracked and checked. You cannot get away with anything you do. Most of us are so used to updating our statuses and uploading pictures that we forget that people are watching. Updating a status about a boring meeting during a meeting? Seriously? Busy uploading pictures at office? That’s not what you go to work for and that is definitely not what you are paid for!
  2. Relationships: Do not talk to your friends from the workplace. Do not use your mobile phone even to text. Do not start chatting online with someone at your desk! Also, stop trash talking immediately. Keep in mind to create healthy relationships with your coworkers and to work as a team rather than compete against each other. This is extremely important because when the time for promotion comes, the company will promote the one who is a team player, not someone who is extremely competitive.

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