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4 Tips to Beautiful Teeth

4 Tips to Beautiful Teeth

You don’t have to go all out of your way to have flawless teeth!

Back in time people barely ever went to the dentist and yet, their teeth were impeccable. These days, even though we are trying to take good care, our teeth are stained and brittle. This is mainly due to lifestyle. A few changes here and there will keep the dentist and painful treatments away!

  1. Brush twice every single day. We have said it earlier and we say it again that you should brush your teeth when you wake up and before you go to sleep. If you have foods such as caffeine and red wine that are more likely to stain your teeth, you should brush your teeth for an additional time after eating. This will keep your teeth white and sparkly.
  2. Schedule cleaning appointments twice a year. No, we are not talking about whitening treatments here. We are talking about regular cleaning. Once in 6 months you should head to the doctor for this.
  3. If your teeth are heavily stained, we recommend that you reduce foods such as soy sauce, grape juice, red wine, caffeine, colas, and blueberries. These are all acidic foods and can easily erode the enamel.
  4. Keep away from smoking. Smoking causes damage like no other. Here’s another reason why you should quit!

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