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3 Signs You Have A Toxic Friend

3 Signs You Have A Toxic Friend

Not all friends are here to stay. Likewise, not all friends that are here to stay should stay. Some of them may be toxic!

You may love her but she probably isn’t the right friend for you. Here are a few warning signs that will help you weed such friends out:

  1. She can’t find happiness in your happiness: Women are tagged as the jealous lot. They say women simply can’t be happy for others. While it is wrong to judge on a general note, there are women who simply cannot be happy for others. They get very jealous and can’t stand your success. If your friend is like that you need to cut her out of your life.
  2. She stresses you too much: Is she too dramatic? Does she always have something to say/do that stresses you out? Does she always keep ranting? Yes, as a good friend, you must lend a listening ear but if she only vents and never has the time to listen to you, she needs to go.
  3. She is your friend only sometimes: Does she become friendly only when she needs something from you? Whether it is to borrow money or clothes or to ask advice, if she appears only when she has the need, she is not worthy.

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