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How to save more Moolah

How to save more Moolah

Everyone can do with a little bit of saving. It easy to give into temptations of spending, and hard to make a saving. But tell you what. If you follow these tips, you may well find it’s actually quite easy to save up.

So if you have been dreaming for that perfect vacation, or seeing your child graduate from the top university, get on these tips and get saving:

  • We know it pains you to get that money out of your wallet and deposit it regularly. Go automatic instead. Make a savings account and arrange for a direct deposit. So every year (whether you wish or notJ), a part of your pay check goes into your savings account. You will be pleasantly surprised at the effortlessness.
  • Take an overdraft protection! This saves you quite a few dollars each time a check is bounced. Wise move we say!
  • Always create and maintain a budget. It is worth all the trouble. Use technology. Download online budget tools and make use of them. Trust, if you know where your money is going, you will be more aware of waste expenses, and its natural you will cut down on them.
  • Keep a calendar updated with all your payments due. Make payments in a timely manner always. Late fees add up to quite a lot and what’s the point taking additional pinches to the pocket.
  • Before you make any purchase, ask yourself one thing. Do you need it or want it? We generally tend to hoard things that we find at cheap rates and tempting discounts. Truth is we don’t really need at least half of it. Be wise.
  • Renting is a great option to make a few extra bucks that will go to your savings. Rent out an unused part of your home, your furniture, your clothes, or whatever your thinking mind tells you to, and see how easy it is to accumulate moolah.

Now go save up for your dreams effortlessly!

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