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How to get ticks off your pet

How to get ticks off your pet

Ticks are a menace. When left unattended, they can release harmful bacteria infested fluids into your dog’s skin causing infection. Your furry pet, could be a victim. Thankfully removing ticks isn’t as complicated as it is made out to be. Follow our guide to render your furry friend, tick free.

  • Prepare yourself first. Collect all the necessary items you will need- A container filled with rubbing alcohol, a pair of disposable latex gloves, a pair of tweezers and a warm compress.
  • Wear your gloves so you don’t expose yourself to the dangerous fluid, the ticks release.
  • Ask someone to hold your pet down while you treat it, or chances are he might run away before you complete the process.
  • Gently separate the fur around the tick and hold the fur firmly.
  • Using a pair of fine tip tweezers, grab the tick by its head (making sure not to squeeze it), and remove it with one quick upward motion.
  • Remove one each at a time and drop them into the rubbing alcohol container and close the lid. The rubbing alcohol will kill them over a period of time.
  • Once you are done removing the ticks, apply a warm compress to your pet’s skin, to expel the leftover parts of the ticks, if any.

Lastly, apply a preventive tick medication on your pet, if it is prone to ticks. The medication poisons the ticks when they try to bite your dog, causing the ticks to fall off. There. You are done!

Image Credits: kamontad123/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos