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Easy Halloween dressing up ideas

Easy Halloween dressing up ideas

Halloween is here! If you haven’t decided what you will be wearing to the party yet, we have a few quick and easy dress up ideas.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Be a bag of jelly beans! It’s as easy as pie. Wear a clear thrash bag with cut arm holes on it. Fill the bag with small multi coloured balloons and tie the bag near your neck with a pipe cleaner (you want to be careful around kids with that one) and you are done!
  • Be a mummy! Wear white clothes and wrap a hundred metres of toilet paper around yourself. You might want to use a little ketchup, mustard sauce, or food colouring to add the spooky effect.
  • Wear a pair of fake fangs, wear foundation that is few shades lighter than yours, wear a black flowy robe and dribble some red food colouring on the sides of your mouth. Use a heavily pigmented eye liner to draw to holes on our neck and look every bit a scary vampire.
  • Bunch up a long piece of tulle fabric and pin it to your similar colored outfit (make sure it is short) to resemble a bath loofah. Hold a bottle of shampoo in your hand and you are sure to turn heads.
  • Wear black and white attire, a white body and face paint and a black lipstick. Replace blush with a black eye shadow and you will look like you came straight from the black and white movie era.
  • Hang thin strips of bubble wrap or ribbons from a clear umbrella. Wear a white jump suit, hold the umbrella and look like an oh so cute jelly fish.

Now go! Get partying. Happy Halloween.

Image Credits: Mladen_Kostic/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos