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How to make friends in the hostel

How to make friends in the hostel

The most wonderful thing about staying in hostels is that you get a chance to meet other travellers. The economic price is just an added boon. Making travel buddies in a hostel is the best thing you can do to team up and find out about the hidden gems and great events in the city. If you aren’t sure how you should go about making friends with other hostel mates, read on

Here’s your go-to guide:

  1. Choose your hostel wisely. Look for ones which have communal areas and specified communal nights. Customers in these kind of hostels are allowed crazy fun.
  2. Ditch privacy and stay in a dorm room. Living in close quarters with strangers will slowly get the socializing fright out of you.
  3. Hostels regularly come up with social events such as a bar crawl or a walking tour. Make sure you keep yourself updated about such events and also end up participating.
  4. Don’t go under your bunk with a book. You don’t want to look unapproachable. Instead grab a drink and think of a few great conversation starters.
  5. Be alert and catch on hints if someone isn’t too into you. Don’t be a hanger on. Look for people who are game for quality conversations instead.
  6. Don’t fear large groups. Long stayers in hostels generally form cliques and they might just be your ticket to a great night out. Get chatting with them.
  7. Arrange for oral games to be played in the hostel premises. Games are the perfect ice breakers and buddy makers.

 Go! Make friends from all over and explore places like you never have!

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