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How to negotiate your salary when accepting a new job

How to negotiate your salary when accepting a new job

People find it awfully hard to negotiate their salary when taking up a new job. The what-ifs prevent them from speaking up and a good chunk of life is spent in regret for the same. Even Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook was inclined to take the first offer for her position! If you want to overcome the fear of negotiating your salary, here’s help:

  • Before you are made an offer, think about all the people who will be directly affected by your salary such as your kids, ailing mother, etc.) This will help you build a strong gut.
  • Let the employer give the number first. Sidestep the question if you are asked. Do not ruin your chances of getting more than you expect to get.
  • Thoroughly study the company benefits before you arrive at how much you are ‘actually’ getting. If your current company is giving you more benefits than the job on the table, try putting a monetary value to it and add it to the salary. (In your head!)
  • Avoid using emails and messages to negotiate salary. The employer might not get the tone of your email right and that might foil your plans. Negotiating in person or over the phone is best.
  • Before you begin negotiating, explain to the employer, why it is legitimate for you to be negotiating. Letting them know that having a good negotiator on their team will help them in the long run perhaps is a good idea.
  • Do not be rude, but be firm. Letting the employer know why you deserve the amount you expect to get instead of telling them you will look for greener pastures is a wise choice.

There you go! Know your worth and learn how to ask what you truly deserve. Here’s wishing you all the best!