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Washing The Potty Mouth

Washing The Potty Mouth

Potty mouth – is your child one?

Kids generally love talking about pee and potty, and it sticks with them so much that they say it in every sentence. The sad part is that some parents think it is very cute and ignore it until it gets out of hand.

No matter how funny you think it is, you should stop it as soon as possible because if he gets habituated, he will not stop. Stopping the potty talk is not easy but you can find ways to reduce it. To start off with, watch your own mouth. Some words may be highly inappropriate and you should make sure you never utter them in front of your child.

If your child refuses to budge you can get strict with him and tell him directly that he is not supposed to speak like that. Be serious and restrict the talk to one room so that he gets used to that and does not speak like that anywhere else. Also, don’t make potty training fun or naughty. It should be very serious so that when you talk about potty during potty training, he does not pick it up.

Most parents say that the best way to avoid potty talk is to ignore it. Kids love attention and the moment you laugh or give attention to anything they say, they will repeat it. Ignore it, thus, and they will stop automatically.

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