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You Do NOT Need to be a Supermom

You Do NOT Need to be a Supermom

Mom or supermom? There is this hoopla about supermoms all over. As if moms didn’t do enough already, people expect them to take care of pretty much everything. Do you live up to that expectation? You absolutely do not have to be guilty if the answer is no.

Here are reasons why you don’t need to be a supermom, from real moms!

  1. Your son is four and still can’t recite the alphabet. That’s okay. He will get there. A mom says her focus is on teaching him Spanish as well as English so that in time, he will be able to speak two languages.
  2. You use your TV as a babysitter. It is all right. You have too much on your plate and if the TV makes it easier for you, why not? Your kids are occupied and you can get things done. Of course, too much TV isn’t good but with the right channels and shows, you don’t have to worry!
  3. You don’t play with your kids. No problem. It is not a compulsion to always play with your kids. Plus, it is not even possible in many instances. As long as you make sure they get quality time, you are doing well.

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