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How to toilet train your puppy

How to toilet train your puppy

Got a new pooch? Wondering how to toilet train it without the help of a professional trainer? You can totally nail it. It requires time and trouble but it’s not rocket science. Slowly building your routine around your puppy’s needs and then graduating from there is the key.

Here’s giving you tips on toilet training your pooch:

  • Puppies normally urinate within 15 minutes and defecate within an hour of having a meal since their digestive system gets stimulation. Owing to it’s poor bladder control, it’s wise to take it out when your suspicion is high.
  • Maintain a diary list and record when your puppy sleeps, eats, urinates, and defecates. This will help you better understand their excretion patterns.
  • When the puppy is urinating or defecating, repeat cue words such as wee or poo-poo or whatever you like making sure you have one distinct name for each action. That way you will be able to prompt him a little later on.
  • Accompany your puppy to the garden as often as you can. When your puppy urinates there, reward him. Attach a cue word to success too.
  • Leave the back door of the house open just so your pup needs to get out on his own. Don’t leave it unattended for several hours at a time. You don’t want him to be forced to get indoors.
  • Puppies can urinate unconsciously when they get excited. Tone down your greetings and preferably take them outside before you greet them.
  • Pups are creatures of habit. Getting them to urinate when out for a walk all of a sudden, might get difficult. That’s because it is used to urinate at home. The trick is to wake them up unusually early and take them for a walk. Don’t get back home till they pass urine because of desperation. Reward it and repeat till they get used to it.

There you go! Here’s wishing you all the best.