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How to maintain optimum weight during pregnancy

How to maintain optimum weight during pregnancy

Weight gain is an inevitable part of pregnancy. Having a bun in your oven does lead to weight gain and most women are thrown off balance. They gain copious amount of weight in a bid to ‘eat for two’ and then risk pregnancy and delivery complications. The key is to maintain an optimum weight and make every pound count.

Here’s how to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy:

  • Pregnancy does not give you the right to mouth every junk food out there. Although occasional giving in to cravings won’t hurt, eating food that isn’t nutritional dense often will do no good for your health.
  • ‘Eating for two’ certainly does not mean eating twice as much. Although you have to eat a ‘bit’ more than usual, a little baby, does not demand to be fed as much as mommy eats.
  • Ensure that you eat the right amount of food from all the five groups of the USDA Food pyramid so you know you are getting all the nutrition needed for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Instead of pushing down three large meals, work on dividing your meals so you eat 5-6 times a day. Smaller meals not only provide constant energy but also keep your metabolism pumping.
  • Include as much whole grains in your diet as you can. Refined carbs don’t do you any good.
  • Have at least 2 servings each of fruits and vegetables to not just give you a vitamin boost but also aid digestion and better nutrient absorption.
  • Consume at least 3 servings of quality protein every day. It will help your baby’s tissue growth while keeping your muscles taut and more calorie consuming.
  • Consume at least 1000mg calcium each day to help build your home density. This will help you exercise without ruining your bone health. And we all know exercise is good.
  • Lastly, exercise for at least 30 minutes each day to be a fitter you and ensure a healthy pregnancy and easier delivery.

There you go! Eat sensibly so you don’t cry your eyes out fretting over complicated delivery or losing all those pregnancy pounds. Happy baby making.