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How to help children who hate math

How to help children who hate math

For every one child that loves math, there will be four who hate it like it’s a plague. Children who aren’t naturally inclined towards reasoning and analysing, often find it hard to do math and develop a hatred toward the subject. That certainly doesn’t mean they are any less intelligent than their math-loving counterparts.

If your child has a fear of or a hatred against math, here’s how you can help him overcome it:

  • First, try to investigate the source of his feelings towards the subject. It is difficult to get to reasons but it is the first step to alleviate his strong dislike of math. The reason maybe struggling to understand the instructor’s teaching style, a class that moves quicker than he can or lack of strong calculating skills.  A non-judgemental one to one conversation with your child will help you better understand the reason behind the dislike.
  • Secondly, review your own attitude toward math. If you’ve often times told aloud, how you are not a math person or express doubt over where you will ever use math in real life, chances are your kids will unconsciously emulate you. Instead of saying negative things like ‘I hated maths too’, say something like ‘this might be difficult now, but can we practice this together’ and it will make all the difference.
  • Lastly, try to highlight math, outside of the academic context. Exams and worksheets intimidate kids who dislike math. Choose to find out what interests him most and then try and to incorporate math into it. Get him involved in the statistics of a game, measurements in baking or calculations in knitting etc. They will gradually loosen up and start developing an interest in the subject.

There you go! With patience and the right approach, you can tackle your kid’s hatred toward math with ease. All the best.