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How to give first-aid to your little one’s wounds

How to give first-aid to your little one’s wounds

From the day your little one starts his first steps, he is prone to tumbles and bumps. The cuts, the wounds, the burns, and the endless crying that follows is a natural phase of growing up. While you cannot do anything to prevent falls (all kids fall and hurt themselves despite having over protective parents watching their every move), you can have a few tips up your sleeve to nurse his boo boos quickly.

Here’s what you absolutely must know:

  1. Nursing a cut or scrape: If the wound is bleeding, place a clean cloth directly on the wound and press firmly till the bleeding stops. Dab a cotton pad dipped in warm water over the wound to clean it. If the wound is dirty or caused because of an animal or insect, it is best to wash the wound with soap and water. Apply a thin layer of anti-biotic ointment and sprinkle some Neosporin powder over it to suck up moisture.
  2. Treating a burn: Place a cold, wet towel on the burn till the pain subsides. Avoid popping blisters. Cover the blisters with a loose gauze and tape after a sprinkle of anti-bacterial powder. If you notice swelling, or discharge on the burnt area, consult a doctor.
  3. Make nose-bleeds better: As soon as you notice a nose bleed, have your child sit in an upright position without tilting her head back. Next, pinch the lower end of his nose and have him lean forward. Apply continuous pressure till the bleeding sops. An alternative to this is holding an icepack over the bridge of his nose till the bleeding stops.

There you go! Keep your first aid kid well stocked and keep your sleeves rolled up to prevent your little darling spending hours over an aching wound.