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Helping Your Guy Open Up

Helping Your Guy Open Up

It can be frustrating when your guy doesn’t share or open up but you should understand that men are like that.

When it comes to women, talking all the time and sharing everything is important. When it comes to men, less is always more. They communicate but do it enough to let you know what is on their mind. Men do not talk much. That’s just how they are and you shouldn’t take it personally. Instead, you should help your guy open up because at times, men have difficulty sharing. They are more comfortable keeping things to themselves even if it hurts them and that is something you should help your man overcome.

Coax it out of him but don’t force him. When he comes back home, do not jump on him expecting him to tell you everything that happened. Be strategic. Ask him how his day was and he will tell you. Some men say they had a fine day even if it was bad, which is why you are advised to go further and say, “tell me about it.” Give him some tea or water to start off with so he relaxes and sit beside him so that he starts sharing. It is simple.

Also, remember that more often than not men mean what they say. This means good in fact means good and bad in fact means bad. Women like being sarcastic and snippy but men are usually straightforward. Therefore, unless it is obvious that he is lying about his day or something else, do not badger him. That’s it! This is all it takes to get closer to your guy.

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