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Vital sex tips you ought to follow!

Vital sex tips you ought to follow!

No matter how much we know about sex, we all can do with some tips to enhance our experience. What if we tell you we got ours from sex workers? Sounds super right? Read on.

Here’s what you SHOULD be doing:

  • Lube is not an aid that you only use if you ‘need’ it. Everyone can reap benefits from a lubricant. Too much of sex (no amount of sex is too muchJ) can cause friction and can lead to a rug burn inside your cervix. Using a good lube will prevent sex injuries. It will also makes the act more pleasurable. Go stock on some good lube. You can never have enough of it.
  • Be clear as to what you want and where you would never like to venture in terms of sex. It can prevent both you and your partner from unnecessary awkwardness and can enhance your experience multi-folds.
  • You should regularly frig regularly. Female ejaculation prevents (and sometimes cures) a host of urinary tract infections. Added bonus we say! J
  • Receptive space, understanding and intimacy are sometimes sexier than sex. Don’t be too corny and fake. Instead create a connection with you partner, make direct eye contact, and engage in passionate embraces and you will know they are so much more powerful than mere orgasms.

Go have fun doing the best thing (almost) in the whole wide world.

Image Credits: Nick White/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos