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How to fix your spouse’s bed mistakes

How to fix your spouse’s bed mistakes

You love you guy to bits and he is everything you ever wanted a guy to be except that he is more than disappointing in bed. Aww! Now that’s painful (we know it is) and you know trying to better him will mean inviting truckloads of awkwardness. Well tell you what, if you want satisfaction in bed, you will have to speak up. Telepathy doesn’t work here. We have made it a tad easier for you to fix him up.

Here’s giving you a guide to fixing him up:

  • If he is only going dagger tongue down there: Blame it all on porn movies. The unreal depiction of how oral sex should be dampens your experience. Porn movies are meant to be explicit and everything has to be clearly visible. In reality, using the full mouth gives much more pleasure. Tell him he has a wonderful tongue and using the whole breath to give your clitty a massage will excite you to bits. He can work his way to total immersion from there.
  • He is pounding like he is drilling for oil: So your guy indulges in minimal foreplay and just get to jack hammering like his life depends on it. Well you can ask him to go 69! You can both pleasure each other simultaneously that way and he will realise that slow and attentive love making is so much better. You can even take charge yourself. Give him a good foreplay (tie him up if needed) and chances are that he will reciprocate.
  • He gets offended when you don’t orgasm when he does: Women don’t orgasm every time they have sex! If achieving an orgasm is yours and his’ only goal, the pressure will kick the fun out. Instead let him know what turns you on, buy fancy sex toys and even use a vibrator to up your chances of having mind blowing orgasms, quicker.

There now go heat things up better than ever before!

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