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4 reasons why winter weddings are ideal

4 reasons why winter weddings are ideal

Winter wedding? Summer wedding? This decision can be harder than you think.

We vote for winter weddings, hands down. Before you raise your eyebrows at us and roll your eyes (especially those of you living in colder regions), please allow us to give our reasons:

  1. It is budget friendly: Most weddings happen in summer or spring. There is less competition in winters and that is why getting married at that time of the year will save you some money!
  2. You can have a nice seasonal menu for the wedding. You can also have an assortment of comfort foods. Hot cocoa station (how cool is that?), winter appetizers, entrees, s’mores, etc. will delight your guests.
  3. They are less common and there’ll be much less hustle-bustle. During summers, you can expect your family to have an entire list of weddings to go to. Friends will also be invited to so many weddings. During winter, it will only be your wedding.
  4. You will look flawless. With no summer humidity to worry about, you can rock your wedding with just about any look you want!

Smiling, aren’t you? Agree with us, don’t you?

Image Credits: AlekZotoff/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos