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9 most annoying things about men

9 most annoying things about men

Men are from Mars and are differently wired than us women. While we know and accept that humans are flawed and women have quite a few annoying habits, it gives us immense pleasure to point out the same in the opposite sex.

Here are a few irksome habits the Martians have:

  • They don’t know the appropriate size one should occupy when sitting in a public space. Man spreading in a bed is welcome (sometimes) but in a bus, hell no!
  • They probably think that the hardest thing in the world is a flu or a boo-boo. They freak out when the slightest of sickness touches them and want all the attention to themselves. The same men ironically will care two hoots when you are way sicker than them. If that isn’t annoying, what is?
  • They just don’t know how to pack their own luggage. Throwing clothes into a bag isn’t packing wisely. And if they do it, they lose the right to complain about wrinkled clothes and spilled bottles. But they don’t get that. Do they?
  • They have a serious problem deciding when to actually get a haircut. They will wait till there is a rainforest on the head and then trim it down all at once so that they don’t have to visit the salon for forever and a day. Grr.
  • Expressing effectively is a skill most men don’t have when it comes to relationships. They will bottle up their feelings for an awfully long time and then explode over something as silly as an under boiled egg. Relax guys.
  • They always forget to leave the toilet seat up. Freaking always!
  • They are colour blind. There is a difference between navy and black, mauve and purple, and beige and brown. No, they won’t ever get it.
  • They will zone out from whatever is happening around to them, the moment they see anything even remotely sports related in the vicinity. Doing that during a football final is accepted. But talking to your guy when his ears and eyes are glued to the television ‘across the street’ is pure vexatious.
  • They will not understand menstruation cramps. They might understand the pain associated with it but what about the whole bunch of mood swings that come along with it?

Yeah, not all men are the same we know. There might be guys out there who have little or none of the annoying habits mentioned above. If you ever find them (we haven’t), hang on to them like your life depends on it.