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Menswear Inspired Trends-4 Looks You Need In Your Closet

Menswear Inspired Trends-4 Looks You Need In Your Closet

Do you have any idea how mad I am that I didn’t come up with this menswear inspired trend? I’ve been dressing semi-boy my whole life and just didn’t know how to pull it together. Now I do, and I’m going to share with you because it’s easy, cute, and you probably have a lot of this stuff already in your closet and don’t even know it. Also, all of these looks/clothes are super comfy but doesn’t look like it-as in-you look sexy but don’t want to go home and change immediately after walking in the door. You’re welcome.
Fall Board With Boots

Jacket-This color is amazing, so is the jacket. I have it in cream and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect jacket and goes with everything.  I didn’t think I’d be able to pull off wearing a ‘leather’ (it’s faux) jacket, but tell that voice in your head to suck it, and work it. Wear it unzipped and layer over pretty much anything-including dresses.

Jeans-Lucky Brand is my favorite brand ever for jeans. I was super skeptical of the skinny jean trend until I tried on this pair. They’re the best! I have a flat bum, so finding a pair of pants that doesn’t give me major muffin top while simultaneously giving me a great butt-is next to impossible-these are perfect. (Similar pair from the Gap here)

Tee-This is a great v-neck to have in your closet. Buy it a size up. Also? It’s currently $8. What??

Boots-Love love love them and want them so hard. If you’re not feeling it, wear some cute flats as seen in the picture.

Flats-Easy and versatile and just get a pair if you don’t have any already because they go with everything.

Scarf-These are the easiest and cheapest way to dress up your wardrobe. Seriously, I can be wearing yoga pants and a long t shirt and if I put on a scarf and add some jewelry? Dressed up city. I love the mint for some color, but if you’re wearing the wine colored jacket, go with the nude scarf. The mint one is no longer available (sorry) but here’s a similar one.

Necklace-This one is so in right now. I am such a horrible jewelry buyer-as in, I never buy it-but I want this one. So cute, and again it goes with everything, which appeals to my cheapness

Bracelets and watch-I love this watch color. It’s so great. (cheaper watch from Target here)

Fall Board Striped

Jeans-Love the dark wash on these, and they would also go great with boots or everyday wear.

Tee-I love both colors of these shirts. I’m temped to buy both because they can create such different looks. If you get the darker one, wear with lighter colored jeans.

Bag-Are you kidding me with this? So cute and the price is right. It would be perfect for a traveling as a take-on and if you wore it with a maxi dress and some cute Birkenstocks, I guarantee you would get that cute guy’s number next to you on the plane.

Hat-I like that this one isn’t super sporty, but if you have a favorite sports team hat, totally rock it with this outfit.

Vest-I know Patagonia is super expensive, but it will last forever and you can return it if you don’t love it-no questions asked.

Shoes-Converse are always cute. I used to have like 10 pairs and I destroyed them all because I wore them everyday.

Fall Board With Clarks

I’m so in love with this look, I can’t even stand it.

Jeans-I love corduroy and this color is great. Also, for $80 Lucky Brand, you can’t go wrong. Buy some before I do first.

Shoes-I need a pair of these and Christmas is so far way it’s not even funny.

Watch-I love this watchband! It’s punk rock/manly and totally chic all in one.

Shirt-Go for the graphic tee if you want to be more fun and casual, the striped if you’re dressing it up a bit-the striped one is currently $7!

Jacket-So versatile and it pulls this look together well.

Fall Board Ripped Jeans

Sweater-My inspiration for this whole look came from this (same sweater, different look)

Jeans-I like these and these-The ripped jean is my favorite look, I’m so glad it’s back in style.

Button up-this one is sold out, but here is a similar one

Shoes-These are so bomb. Kind of combat, totally sexy and would go with so many other looks. Want.

Bracelets-The rose colored ones are sold out, similar here. Don’t skimp on the bangles-you need a little bit of ‘girl’ to make this look work well.

Hat-You could get away with wearing pretty much any color. I love the buttons on the side.

Clutch-A bag/purse would work with this look as well, but I love the clutch because it looks more feminine.

Photo Credit: All collages created by author via Polyvore

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