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4 Tips To Maintaining Eyebrows

4 Tips To Maintaining Eyebrows

We don’t really care about them but did you know that eyebrows speak volumes?

You won’t realize their importance unless you end up with badly shaped eyebrows. Trust us, you don’t want to go that far.

4 Tips To Maintaining Eyebrows

Take it from us and try making a definition with your eyebrows because they enhance not just your eyes but your entire face. Badly done eyebrows can ruin your look for a long time.

Listed below are tips that will come handy while shaping your eyebrows:

  1. Don’t pluck too much. This is one of the most common mistakes that women commit. Your eyebrows must look natural as opposed to super thin and weird. If your eyebrows are naturally thin you should consider using a hair growth product.
  2. Trim: More often than not, you just need to trim the strays. This process is easier than tweezing. It doesn’t pain either. Thus, you should try it out.
  3. Color: Whenever you color your hair you should not forget the brows. They should match your hair color. At salons, you can have this done while you have your hair colored but if you are doing it at home you may use bleach. Be careful not to let it stay for too long, though.
  4. Use good quality products such as eyebrow wax and pencil based on what you prefer. Bad quality products can cause problems and hinder growth.

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