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How to look stylish like the celebs

How to look stylish like the celebs

Ever wondered how your favourite celebrities look perfectly styled almost always. They spend truckloads of money on their outfits. Agreed. But what shines is their innate sense of style that makes them shutter ready.

Want to look super stylish too? Well we can help you with a bunch of tips.

Here goes:

  • Don’t mix prints. Write that down. Wear abstract with abstract and floral with floral. You can mix prints that vary in size, but never in form.
  • The easiest way to look stylish is to pair basic items with trendy ones. A pair of distressed jeans for example will look great with a basic tank top. The trick is to accessorize it well.
  • Play with lengths. Pair low with high and symmetry with asymmetry. Pair a mini skirt with a full sleeved blouse or wear a bustier with a long flowy skirt. Get the idea?
  • Let your whites stand out and not blend in. When wearing basic white outfits, pair them with an item that has greys or other shades of white to have a little subtle clash going n adding oomph.
  • Own a pair of ridiculously high heels. Heels have a way of making even the drabbest outfits look sexy. They elongate the appearance of your legs, make your silhouette look slimmer and help you rock almost any outfit.
  • Lastly, only wear outfits that reflect your taste and make you feel comfortable. If you are confident about what you are wearing, it will up your stylishness like nothing can.

Now go! Rock being stylish.

Image Credits: Creatas/ Creatas/ Thinkstock Photos