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Tips for Transitioning from Summer to Fall Fashion

Tips for Transitioning from Summer to Fall Fashion

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The time to wear sundresses and skirts is coming to an end. The transition from summer to fall fashion usually means that a bunch of your clothes have to stay in the closet until summer rolls back around. However, there are some ways to use some of your favorite summer items, even though fall is taking over.

Leggings: They are your one of your best friends when it comes to fall fashion. The use of leggings can allow you to keep wearing your favorite skirt or dress. This way you get some more use out of them, but you also don’t have to worry about your legs getting cold. Plus, there are some very cute leggings out there. If you are afraid that leggings won’t be enough to keep you warm, there are a little bit thicker ones called sweater leggings, and trust me, they do the job.

Blazers and Cardigans: Another great way to ease into the move from summer to fall fashion is with really cute jackets. Blazers and cardigans will allow you to keep wearing a sundress, but without the concern of being caught without a jacket in the fall breeze.

Layers: If you are like me and get cold easily, layers are your best friend. The obvious way to layer is by adding on a cardigan or blazer, like I mentioned above. Another way that I layer is by using tank tops and camisoles. I like to put one on under my shirt. It gives me an extra layer of warmth. It’s best if you use the solid color tank tops, that way if they show a bit (like if your shirt rides up), it won’t look too bad. Either do this with a t-shirt or a non-low cut top, or make sure it looks alright if you can see your gray tank top peeking out from the top of your shirt.

There are a couple of ways to save some summer fashion items that you love, but not everything can be saved. Do not attempt to draw out your use of scandals by wearing socks with them. It does not look good, and some people might feel the need to say something to you.

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Do you have any tips for transitioning from summer to fall fashion? I recently moved from Texas to New York, and I am having to make this switch a lot faster than I used to. I miss the warmth.

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