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‘Reign’ Recap: First Kisses

‘Reign’ Recap: First Kisses

Kissed Reign

“Kissed” is the third episode of Reign. To refresh your memory on what happened at the castle last week, click here. Be sure to tune into Reign every Thursday night at 9/8 central on the CW. Here’s the latest gossip at the castle:

First Kisses

Mary and her ladies in waiting share memories of their first kiss. It is revealed that Greer has never been kissed. By the end of the episode, however, she has locked lips with one of the chefs in the kitchen. It seems the goal is for everyone to be involved in a romance. Mary shares with Greer that she has never been kissed either, and then a couple of scenes later, she and Francis kiss. Can you hear the sound of shippers rejoicing?

Fighting for Mary

Francis is doing his best to help Mary.  Currently, Scotland is facing the threat of England. They have surrounded Scotland’s border, and Scotland does not have enough troops. His father, King Henry, doesn’t want to help Scotland out by sending troops to their border. Francis believes it is what is best for France and for his alliance with Scotland. Francis at one point even takes up arms against his father. This is the first time that Francis has stood up so adamantly against his father for the benefit of Mary.

A New Suitor

Thomas, the bastard son of the king of Portugal, is at the French Court, and once he learns Mary’s alliance with France isn’t sound, he makes a move. He promises to send troops immediately, and he offers her a chest of jewels. I mean, who doesn’t want a bunch of gorgeous, sparkly necklaces? Francis has never given Mary a gift. It should be a done deal right then!

Mary struggles with this. While Thomas is a good deal, he is not Francis, and Mary loves Francis. Of course, Mary doesn’t openly say that, instead she claims not wanting to break an alliance so quickly. It makes sense, but clearly she is hoping her heart and duty to her country will align. In the end, however, Francis tells her to go with Thomas because it would be best for her country, and Mary goes to tell Thomas she accepts.

The Cost of War

King Henry warns Francis about the cost of sending out troops to defend Scotland. There does turn out to be a cost to pay, but instead of it being just the loss of troops, it is a little bit more personal. Bash is attacked as he rides to tell the troops to head to Scotland. It is hard to make out what his wound is, but it is obviously not good.

Favorite Quotes

Mary: “Sometimes you just need to kick something.”

Nostradamus: “Serving the truth at court is a crooked path.”

Mary: “I would rather have hope with you than certainty anywhere else.”

Bash: “Victory without effort is worse than a defeat”


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