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What Cures a Hangover? Sprite.

What Cures a Hangover? Sprite.

what cures a hangover

Gone are the mornings-after spent in a diner gulping coffee by the pot full, forcing some eggs down your throat, desperate to stop the spinning, stop the pounding headache. Ladies and gentleman, we now live in an age where hangovers are no more! No more time wasted drinking water and popping aspirins. Want to cure your hangover? Just grab a can of Sprite.

Or so says a Chinese study published in the journal Food and Function in September.

Researchers tested 57 different beverages in hopes of finding something that erases the effects of alcohol. Their study included everything from water to herbal infused teas.

In the study, they pointed out that a hangover doesn’t actually occur because of the booze you took in on Friday night. The hangover itself comes from the way the alcohol is broken down in your body. I’m about to get Bill Nye on you, so pay attention: The authors point out that when the liver processes alcohol, it creates several chemical byproducts. One is called acetaldehyde, which causes the feelings of a hangover. Acetaldehyde eventually turns into acetate, which does not cause hangover symptoms. Got it? Acetaldehyde = bad. Acetate = good.

Researchers decided the best way to eliminate a hangover was to keep acetaldehyde from lingering too long in your system. So, which beverage helped turn acetaldehyde (bad) into acetate (good) quicker?

HungoverTurns out that herbal teas actually slowed the process down. So, if you’re aching to feel the way you did after stealing that bottle of Arbor Mist out of the garage fridge at age 14, feel free to put some water on the stove and grab your nearest tea bag.

What’s that? You want a remedy for your hangover?

Well, then get yourself some Sprite! Or soda water. Both beverages actually sped up the process, which, theoretically, would mean that your hangover symptoms would disappear quicker.

Which begged my husband to ask the question, “So, should I stop ordering rum and coke and start ordering rum and Sprite?”


Photo: coca-colacompany.com and CreativeCommons.org

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