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Halloween “Vampire in the City” Prank

Halloween “Vampire in the City” Prank

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On a regular day, the streets of NYC are filled with several people who are a few cards short of a full deck, if you know what I mean. So, if a vampire comes up to you, saying that he needs “blood”, it may be easy to forget that it’s Halloween while you assume the worst.

Popular prankster Ed Bassmaster donned a very sophisticated vampire getup to spook those making their way around Manhattan.

Some realized right away that it was a prank, while others ran away fearing that it was just another NYC crazy. At the very least, they didn’t want to stick around to find out either way!

Even if you’re a self-proclaimed scaredy-cat, this is funny and worth the watch.

At one point, an older woman actually swings to hit Bassmaster. When talking to The Stir about the prank, he said: “The woman who swung on me looked like she was gonna knock me out!”

Bassmaster is a comedian who became famous through his YouTube channel. He often dresses up an dons different personas as he records hidden-camera pranks. According to his Wikipedia page, he is married with three kids. Good luck to them as they grow up!

This is funny to watch from the safety of your own computer. If I was making my way down the streets of the city on a crisp, autumn day, shuffling through iTunes and trying to decide what I was going to have for dinner and this guy came up to me? I’d probably scream and run. There is a possibility I would pee my pants. I actually can’t believe that so many people laughed and realized right away that it was all fun in the name of Halloween.

If you like this prank, take a minute to check out what Bassmaster did last year — the Zombie Drive-thru prank.

Photo Credit: CreativeCommons.org

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