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Lion or Lioness?

Lion or Lioness?

Here’s a lion that’s actually a lioness!

Meet Mmamoriri. She looks like a fierce male. She roars like one too but she is female!

The lioness has a thick mane, typical of lions along with a deep, low-register roar. She developed these features after her pride leader died, apparently. Researchers theorize that she grew these characteristics in order to protect her pride.

Naming her “gender fluid,” researchers said in 2012 that she probably had a Y chromosome. However, a blood test proved them wrong.

Fascinating indeed, she became very popular after the BBC documentary named The World’s Sneakiest Animals, which aired last weekend. Worldwide, only five lions have been identified as male and female, and she is one of them!

Image Credits: Ingram Publishing/ Thinkstock Photos (Image only for reference)