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Three Little Albino Hedgehog Princes

Three Little Albino Hedgehog Princes

Albino Hedgehog

If you ask me what one of my favorite animals in the world is, I’m going to say hedgehogs. Baby, albino hedgehogs may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. If you don’t think they are adorable, we may have a problem.

These three albino hedgehogs are not only a rare breed, but they are also royalty! Okay, not really, but they were born on July 22, the same day as Prince George. They are even named after the Prince of Cambridge’s first names: George, Alexander, and Louis. Does anyone else find it weird that the Prince has three first names? Perhaps I was not paying enough attention during the royal birth. I seem to have missed that part.

If you are still not convinced of the royal status of George, Alexander, and Louis, maybe you should take a look at where they are staying. These lucky albino hedgehogs currently live in a castle at a Moscow zoo.  The wooden castle is complete with a luxurious bed, velvet curtains, a red carpet, and there are even windows! Ah, the life of royalty. Their loyal subjects can visit them (and even pet them) at the All-Russia Exhibition Center. Does anyone else wish they lived in Russia so they could go visit these little princes?


George, Alexander and Louis have a rare genetic defect that gives them their unique coloring. Only one in 100,000 hedgehogs are albino. Albino Hedgehog Red EyesUnfortunately for these little guys, being an albino hedgehog is not the safest thing to be. It is hard for them to camouflage themselves due to their white coats, making them easy for predators to spot. Because of this, the average lifespan of an albino hedgehog is two to three years, a year less than the average hedgehog, which lives on average for three or four years. Hopefully the castle walls will keep any potential predators away. Maybe the museum should add a moat to their castle.

Alright, where can I get my albino hedgehog?

Photo Credit: CreativeCommons.org

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