Home Weird News Woman Discovers Her Cereal Is Fortified With A Mouse Bone

Woman Discovers Her Cereal Is Fortified With A Mouse Bone

Woman Discovers Her Cereal Is Fortified With A Mouse Bone

Life Cereal

Shea Boman-Smead, of Eugene, Oregon, claims she was almost finished with her bowl of Life Cereal when she saw something that did not look like those familiar squares of deliciousness that she was used to. She pulled out what she believes is a mouse bone, specifically a femur. When she called Quaker, the maker of Life, they told her to send them the empty cereal box along with the bone. The representative was apologetic and told Boman-Smead that they would investigate and get back to her.  While she thinks the response was sincere, Boman-Smead is not thrilled with the company. No one would be thrilled after finding a mouse bone in their favorite cereal. “Maybe the cereal is contaminated, maybe I could’ve gotten sick,” she said. “Other people could find something like that in their cereal. It’s just gross.”

When I was nine years old, my mother found glass in a new jar of peanut butter. She took it back to the store for a new one. If she had found a mouse bone instead of glass, I’m pretty sure she would have totally freaked out, and we would have never had peanut butter in our house again.

The Food and Drug Administration actually has standards for how many contaminants in certain foods are deemed acceptable. For example, the peanut butter that my mom bought can have no more than an average of 30 insect fragments per 100 grams. Ew.

This all reminded me of a friend’s experience with a certain breakfast item that is prepared by popping it into a toaster. I asked her to recount the story for me: It was 1991 and we were hanging out in the studio while the band, Face of Concern, was recording their album. They had some [of those breakfast toaster pastries] and other snacks, and someone found a toenail in the [pastry] he was eating. So, out of boredom, we completely changed the package title to “Toe Tarts” and wrote things like “Toetally Nutritious!” on the box.

Again, ew! Are you looking forward to your breakfast tomorrow?

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